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Landscape painting New England

Chris Greene:

         As a child I would spend as much time outdoors as allowed. I believe this appreciation of nature led to a later affinity for the naturalistic paintings of the late 19th century. I work using traditional techniques, with the goal of capturing the subtle natural appearance of the land and atmosphere. My compositions are developed through a series of on-site sketches, and paintings are executed in the studio. Each canvas begins with a tonal underpainting and is built up in layers with an emphasis on dark and light value contrast and appreciation for the paint surface.

          I have been primarily influenced by artists working in the realist tradition, both contemporary and antique. I am especially inspired by American Hudson River and White Mountain School artists. As an avid museum patron, and through working in art galleries, I have been able to further develop an appreciation and understanding for traditional painting by closely examining works that interest me. I hold a B.A. in Art History with a minor in Painting.      

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